4 stages of hemorrhoids Know this so you can treat it quickly.

4 stages of hemorrhoids Know this so you can treat it quickly.

Hemorrhoids common disease in people aged 20 years and older. They cause by swelling or sagging of the tissues inside the anus. This tissue helps to be flexible and supports friction between the stool and the anus.

Currently, it is believe that there are many causes such as constipation, straining to pass stool for a long time. Eat foods that are low in fiber and spicy, including https://ufabet999.app drinking alcoholic beverages. May stimulate.

If there are abnormal symptoms mentioned above. And symptoms do not improve You should not be complacent. You should immediately see a specialist doctor to diagnose the symptoms from the beginning. Resulting in timely treatment

Types of hemorrhoids

Divided into 2 types:

  1. Internal hemorrhoids mean that occur above the anus. Normally, it is not visible and cannot be felt. It is usually covered with a membrane at the end of the colon. Does not cause pain while causing no complications.

For internal hemorrhoids, they are further divided into 4 stages according to the severity of the disease:

  • Stage 1  : that bleed but do not have protruding lumps.
  • Stage 2 : Hemorrhoids that protrude beyond the anus while straining to defecate. and can retract back into place by itself
  • Stage 3 : Hemorrhoids that protrude beyond the anus while straining to defecate. And it can put back into place by having to push it back with your finger.
  • Stage 4 : Hemorrhoids that protrude. All the time and cannot be pushed back into place. or there is acute blood clot condition or the entire rectal mucosa protrudes. Both internal and external occur together frequently.
  1. External hemorrhoids refer to hemorrhoids that occur near the crease of the anus. Can seen and felt The aneurysm is cover with skin and can painful. Because the skin has sensory nerve endings.

People who are at risk of developing hemorrhoids

  1. Constipation , having hard, lumpy stools that require pushing a lot on a regular basis.
  2. Hurry up and try to push hard to take the shot.
  3. Eat few fruits and vegetables Eat only meat The stool becomes hard and difficult to pass.
  4. Drinking little water makes the stool dry and hard.
  5. Sitting in the bathroom for too long Read a book or look at your mobile phone for fun. It will cause the hemorrhoid head to swell and expand more.
  6. Pregnancy: An enlarged uterus impairs blood flow in the pelvic area will expand more.
  7. aging This causes more sagging of the connective tissue of the rectal mucosa. and become more easily inflamed

What kind of symptoms should you see a doctor for treatment?

  • Shooting with white mucus Mix with dark blood
  • There is also anemia.
  • Frequent defecation, incomplete bowel movement, or symptoms of incontinence.
  • Feeling pain in the rectum all the time
  • Constipation, alternating with diarrhea
  • The size of the stool continues to shrink.
  • Lose weight
  • Having a history of colon cancer in the family

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