Philips UV-C lamps to penetrate the health market

Recently, Signify, Philips UV-C lamps a bulb and lighting company from the Netherlands. As the parent company Distributor of Philips lighting products in Thailand.  Has announced a new product launch ‘UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp’ to support the household and service market. Especially at the price of 2,490 baht.

Philips UV-C lamps showcases the strength of being ‘UV C Sterilizers’ to ensure the cleanliness of surfaces on household items. Such as carpets, sofas , curtains and other rooms in the home, as well as public service places frequented by people use the service. 

For the operating mode of the unit, the UVC lamp will sterilize the surrounding area from the lighting of a 254mm lamp. The user must leave the machine on and set the operating time. These range from 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes depending on the size of the surrounding area. The lamp is also equipped with a microwave sensor that can detect moving objects in a distance of 3 meters with automatic feedback. To alert you to work from the device.

The reason why the device must come with a motion sensor. Since the UVC light can directly affect the health of the user, both vision and skin. The device will not work and will automatically turn off if movement is detected in Surrounding area.

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