Try the Samsung Cube , an elegant design air purifier. PM0.3 fine dust filter


  • Samsung Cube AX9500 is a high-end model from Samsung air purifier that comes with an elegant cubic design.
  • Can purify the air and filter toxic dust from PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0 to PM0.3 with the ability to capture 99.9% fine dust from the HEPA filter.
  • When stacked in two units. The Cube modules are capable of 2 times better air purification. There is covering an area of ​​up to 94 square meters. That instead of one being able to operate in an area of ​​47 square meters.

Not just COVID-19 Again that makes us worry about health problems. Because now ‘PM2.5 toxic dust’ has come back to multiply the violence more. It is evident from the color of the sky that changes like a giant cloud of dust constantly floating over our heads. 

That makes a product like ‘Air purifiers’ have become one of the most popular items that many people have decided to buy in their homes over the past two years to ‘buy fresh air’ for themselves and their loved ones.

For THE STANDARD, we have the opportunity to try Samsung’s elegant design air purifier. The Samsung Cube AX9500, and in this article we will tell you how cool and attractive this cube air purifier is. Answers to the problem of how much PM2.5 dust starts to cause problems for us.

Stunning design with dust filtering capability level PM0.3

The Cube AX9500 is a high-end air purifier from Samsung, comes with a ‘cubic’ design (as the model name suggests). The device is made of premium metal material in Metal Silver, measures 367 x 436 x 380 mm and weighs the whole. That is 12.2 kilograms and covers a working area of ​​47 square meters.

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