Red makes a difference

“This color makes a difference. Choose (RED). Save lives ”

If anyone has visited Apple’s website, they will see the sentence above. Available with all Apple products in red or (PRODUCT) RED, whether it’s the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Mini to the Apple Watch 6 series and accessories. 

So why is it red? How does this color make all the difference and save people’s lives?

Apple has partnered with nonprofit organizations (RED) to raise funds to help fund projects. To treat HIV / AIDS over a period of 14 years, totaling nearly US $ 250 million The project started in 2006. 

In 2020, Apple and (RED) decided to use 100% of the proceeds from all eligible (PRODUCT) RED purchases to the Global Fund to tackle the COVID-19 situation. That still spread throughout the world. The contribution will aim to help public health systems most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Such as access to treatment and medical equipment. At the same time, it will continue to support the HIV / AIDS program to help people in sub-Saharan Africa. Because the epidemic crisis could have had a devastating impact on the AIDS resistance for over a decade.

The (PRODUCT) RED line will be available from today until June 2021. Apple will also deduct $ 1 from all sales to support the program. From now through December 6, from Apple Pay purchases through the website to products in the App Store and Apple Store.

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