Creating Innovative medicine with 3D Printing 2021

Creating innovation 3D Printing 2021 is one of the most important things these days. Because the creation of innovative works will help create and expand the success of the work. It also contributes to good business success through the use of appropriate technology.

What is a 3D printing machine?

3D printing is a printer that can print objects from ideas into 3D models. Such as prototyping, as 3D printers can help to create complex parts without the use of expensive machines and No mold making Product design modifications are easy and low-cost. Compared to mold making Which is costly and time consuming It is possible to produce devices of a specific size and shape for each individual, such as prosthetic arms and legs for people with disabilities, heels that fit the shape of the foot. Type human organs such as titanium implants.

Working model of the machine

Before 3D printing, 3D data must be generated in digital format. That can be applied to a 3D printer from the design together with the use of computer-aided design software (Computer Aided Design, CAD). In addition to using a computer-aided design, can also use in 3D Scanner to generate data by Reads real objects. That can reproduce in 3D.A digital file.

When the model or 3D work in the form of a digital file. The printing software will cut the file into layers as a 2D sheet. The number of layers or sheets depends on the print resolution. In order to order the printer to print a series of sheets overlap together in layers until it forms a 3D object. Think of a long loaf of bread and cut into thin sheets, which if we take a thin sheet. Let’s stack them together and spread the jam. Down between the bread slices Will produce one long loaf of bread Which the jam itself. 

After printing, the surface will be decorated. Which if the printing is high resolution or the nature of the 3D printing to be used simply. May not need finishing. However, in filament injection printing, support material is sometimes used to support the weight of the substrate protruding in the form of scaffolding. It is necessary to remove the support material before printing jobs can be used.  The substrate is mostly the same material as the substrate. But there are some 3D printers that use other materials to increase the ability to print out a wider variety of shapes and sizes.

Medical benefits

  • Assist in treatment planning such as 3D printing, orthopedic pathology Cardiovascular disease and cancer 
  • 3D printing of shapes will allow doctors to design better treatments. Reduce surgery time and reduce the risk as doctors can test the initial surgery.
  • It can be used for the construction of a therapeutic aid. Example the construction of a bone-cutting guide for implantation. An albinism or a support aid in patients with complicated fractures. This will allow doctors to make the treatment more accurate.
  • Used to create organs for replacement. Using synthetic materials that are not like real organs.
  • Increase the effectiveness of treatment Reduce the duration of treatment
  • Creating innovative treatment in new ways. Which reduces the cost of importing medical devices, Reduce the cost of treatment, Reduce patient time in hospital, Reduce working hours of healthcare workers. Because the treatment is more effective.

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