Summary of trends in ” Thai consumer behavior” from ‘ Google Search ‘ that marketers and brands need to know.

Summary of trends in ” Thai consumer behavior ” from ‘ Google Search ‘ that marketers and brands need to know. The situation of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 (and has continued to date) has made a difference to people’s lives. As well as their interest in being ‘twisted’ to be somewhat different from the original Both from environmental factors And limitations.

Recently, Google Thailand released its ‘Year in Search 2020’ study report Thailand. Which is a report that summarizes trends in consumer behavior changing From the collection of information and how to find the information of users on Google Search combined with the data from Google Trends, which found 5 interesting consumer behavior trends as follows:

  1. “Individual Matters” – COVID ufabet– 19 not only makes us more cautious about our public life, it also makes us more aware of our public life. But it has also become a ‘driving force’ that allows us to clearly see the difference of people.

In terms of ‘habits’, interests, needs, beliefs, which reflect that People pay more attention to their own ideas. Although these ideas may differ from the existing social norms. It also makes people more open to ideas and differences.

An example is Thais searching for information about bullying (Bully), a 70% increase (growth from the previous year). With a growth rate between 2018-2019 at 20%) and the equality increased by 42% (last year’s growth rate was 41%). Searching for ‘depression’ increased from 37% last year.

What should brands learn from this point?

It must be more focused on ‘Customer Jorney’, and next, it must not just act in favor of The only ‘diversity’, equality or difference But empathy must be expressed in a variety of situations with ‘sincerity’. 

Develop products and services that consumers, customers can access equally (Inclusivity Marketing) try to find different methods To reduce the limitations of consumers as much as possible 

  1. Higher Purpose – Consumers are more focused on others or around them. In addition to being self-conscious, for example, people are becoming more aware of environmental issues. And creating benefits for society

An example is that last year I was searching for information about The ‘recycling basket’ increased by 50% compared to the previous year’s growth rate. There is also a search for information about donations. And volunteers to assist in various volunteer work (The most popular search term for donating in 2020 is donate COVID-19. Clothing donation and hair donation)

What should brands learn from this issue?

It needs to connect with consumers. And the environment to reach each other in new and different ways, taking into account the impact on the environment And doing business for sustainability (Sustainablility) is important through various campaigns or products.

  1. Whole Selves – The effect of living at home for a long time. Working from home without going anywhere like Work from Home, and not going out in public places, the ‘dividing line’ of life and work is gradually fading.

As a result, consumers began to look for ways to make them or she ‘productive’ and efficient in time management. Management of emotions, feelings, life or work to be more effective than ever.

For example, there was a 25% increase in searches for internet speed tests over the past year, 34% more job-chair searches, 1.5x more searches for YouTube video conferencing solutions, serum searches. A 37% increase in skin care and a 60% increase in yoga searches on YouTube.

What should brands learn from this issue: Marketing on a search engine platform to deliver that product or service? Appear more easily Of the keywords, the most likely user search terms are Personalized or simply referred to. That I tried to bring myself in so that customers could find it as easily as possible through various means.

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