Wear the mask can unlock the device iOS 14.5 .

By wearing the mask can unlock the device.iOS 14.5 comes with the feature to unlock your iPhone with Watch while wearing the mask. Many iPhone users will have a problem when they wear a mask. And unable to unlock the device conveniently when in public places So often we have to sit and fill in Passcode to waste time indefinitely.

But soon the problem of various inconveniences. It’s going to be fixed when apple released the iOS 14.5 developer beta update on February 1. This allows Apple Watch users to unlock the device while wearing a mask. And without having to type the passcode difficult (similar to using an Apple Watch to unlock a ufabet Mac)

The new features on iOS 14.5 include

  • Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch while Masking (iPhone only) – Allows users to use Apple Watch to quickly unlock their iPhone when trying to use Face ID while wearing a mask that covers both the mouth and nose with the Apple Watch on. Wrist and stay unlocked
  • Control app tracking And transparency – choose whether developers can track usage data on the platform and website And can also see that We allow the app Any follow up in settings And adjust the value as needed
  • Game controllers support – The latest Xbox and PlayStation game controllers can be used on iOS and iPadOS.
  • Update for Siri – Can ask Siri to call a specific emergency contact.
  • Other Features – Expected time sharing improvements in CarPlay and global support for 5G dual SIM.

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