Did you listen? LEGO streams ASMR releases ‘White Noise’, a playlist made by LEGO sounds

ASMR‘ has become another popular trend that many users are beginning to listen to today. From the reasons for relaxation. The delight to the fact that more and more people see this form of sound medium helping us to focus.  its better concentrate at work than ever.

In response to ASMR’s popularity and smart marketing on digital platforms. The Danish toy maker LEGO Group has released ‘LEGO® White Noise’, a playlist made up of sound per puzzle. Which is unique to Lego To help the listeners feel relaxed from the busy times throughout the day. Or help lullabies to fall asleep more easily.

LEGO streams ASMR releases

The LEGO® White Noise playlist consists of 7 tracks.

With a total duration of 3 hours and 29 minutes. Listeners will hear a ‘clicking’ sound, attach the LEGO bricks to the block pipe. Which is the sound we are so familiar with, the sound of hand searching for LEGO bricks from the huge pile of LEGO bricks. Or even the sound of a Lego building thrown onto the ground (Synonymous with the sound of a waterfall)

The specialty of LEGO® White Noise is that LEGO intends to promote their new collection, ‘LEGO Botanical’, a collection of LEGO bricks, plants and flowers. That will allow LEGO customers to enjoy this beautiful building. The puzzle used in White Noise is the one in the Botanical collection.

Those interested in playing LEGO® White Noise can listen to a wide variety of ufabet channels on 15 different platforms, including Spotify.

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