What is a Scammer? How is it examined and prevented?

What is a Scammer? How is it examined and prevented? Criminals are things that are close to us in every age. If they are not aware of the scammers, they may have to pay a lot of gold. One of the closest forms of fraud is a Scammer . Which will deceive us through online channels such as email, Facebook or Twitter. And there are also a number of deceptive tactics that easily make victims believe.

What is a Scammer?

Scammer (Scammer) comes from the word Scam which means “scam”. Scammer is “online fraud”.

  • Credit card scam, sending a fraudulent email to verify credit card information. In order to prevent the card from being seized, when the scammer has the information, the credit card information can be used to purchase goods or services online.
  • The winning scam will send you an email containing the content that the recipient has won. However, personal information must be submitted, such as an ID card number, to verify identity. Or may have to pay a fee for receiving awards
  • Scam customs fees They will befriend victims through social media or other social media. Said to send the goods to But have to pay customs fees And asked to help pay for this part
  • Scam that Prof. stare or Romance Scam is a form of online predators who prey on the most. By pretending to be a young foreigner of good standing to flirt with female victims And deceived a lot of money on the victim in the end, which Romance Scam is also subdivided in many forms. Both forms of people from the Internet A type that really uses his own identity to deceive And came across the victim to the country Made to believe that he was wealthy Before claiming that there was a business problem and borrowing money from the victim, etc.
What is a Scammer?

How to check and prevent Scammer?

1. Check the email if it is real or not.

If it is an email received from the bank Or various organizations You should check to make sure that it is a real email or not. Before clicking any of the links that have been sent, or you can call directly to inquire if the bank or email has sent this type of email or not.

2. Check profile picture with Search by image.

We can initially verify the identity of Scammer whether the image Scammer uses as a profile picture is real or not. By saving the image in question Press to enter the website ufabet upload the image, and the owner information will be displayed. And then compare the history to see if it matches or not If not, you can suspect it’s a Scammer.

3. Check the IP Address

This method will only work with email, which Scammer today mostly use on social media channels such as

  • You can request an IP Address from Facebook directly. But there is a complicated process And most have to be involved in lawsuits to do so
  • If ever emailed to each other In the case of Gmail, press the email address. Then press the down arrow after the time information, then select See original. If it is Outlook, right click on the subject line of the email, press View message source, and then copy the IP Address to check the location at the website. https://whatismyipaddress.com

4. Check if it is Romance Scam or not.

If someone doesn’t know what to say on social media or send email Try to check the following. If anything, you can suspect that it’s a scammer and you should be very careful. Should not go to chat with. Or press block contact to go straight away

  • Being a foreigner Said that he has a good job, has a high income
  • Talk sweetly and show a quick interest in you.
  • Contacted and said that he would like to borrow money. Or to bring the Czech up to
  • Will come to find But there was an incident that made it impossible to find Then have to borrow money Or give out money first
  • No relatives Or a close friend who can rely on money Therefore have to rely on you

Many people are the victims of online scammers. Because I did not notice Or do not know as far as the deceitfulness And in the category of Scammer, Romance Scammer has a lot of victims. Because there will be techniques to deceive them to believe and persuade the victim to die And the victims are often older women, so they are unaware that these types of criminals exist. Therefore should help each other to look after the family. And keep alerting the forms of online criminals to be aware of

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