What is Google Ads ?

What is Google Ads ? When searching for information on Search Engine like Google when results appear. We often choose to click on the website at the top of the list. But have you ever noticed that Sometimes the results are at the top of the line. Will be marked with ” Ad” or “ad” . Which is considered to be an advertisement that is not only called Google Ads . It also includes advertisements in the form of banners on various websites. And video ads on YouTube as well

What is Google Ads ?

What is Google Ads ?

Google Ads, formerly known by most people as Google AdWords, is an online advertising service from Google and is charged based on the number of clicks. Or the number of views Inventory can be divided into two main areas:

  • Search Network refers to an area on the Google Search Engine which is easy to spot. When we search for information And the first few results are marked with the words ” Ad” or “Ad”, that is, Google Ads.
  • Display Network refers to advertisements that appear on other websites. That are partners with Google.They can appear in a variety of formats, such as banners, images or videos on YouTube.

The strength of Google Ads is that it can determine where your ads will appear. Who is the target audience? And how much is the budget per day We can target the audience, gender, age range, what kind of address, while the budget or advertising cost has multiple prices, which are mainly as follows.

  • If it is a Search Network, the cost per click ( CPC : Cost-Per-Click) will depend on how competitive the keyword chosen in the Search Engine is. Because the more the competition Which means that it is a word that many people search
  • If it is a Display Network, you can choose to choose either price -per- click ( CPC : Cost-Per-Click) or price -per- view (vCPM Cost-Per-Thousand-viewable-Impression) according to different goals. In which the price category according to the views will mainly focus on building Brand Awareness
In this regard, doing Google Ads on Search Network is not only competition for the keyword but also ranking on Search Engine, known as Ad Rank, which makes it the top rank.
  • Maximum Bid is the maximum amount that is allowed to pay per click ( ufabet CPC).
  • Quality Score is the quality score. Measured by the content of the ad to match the target of the searcher. Including the website page that is Mobile-Friendly Contains content that matches the ad

If both the Maximum Bid and the Quality Score are combined, the score is high. Will get advertising space at the top That means we don’t always have to bid on expensive keywords, if our ads have a good quality score, they can get the top Ad Rank, which is the advantage of Google Ads to compete with big businesses.

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