Google first quarter budget

Google first quarter budget, hitting 1.7 trillion baht, profit growth 162%, YouTube, advertising revenue up 49%. During this week Big companies from the US side. The company continued to close the budget and report the Company’s operating results during the first quarter of 2021 to the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The latest is a queue of Google (GOOGL) or Alphabet Inc. (parent company), which released its results in the first three months of this year. And found that they are still going strong. Either in terms of total revenue, net profit, or growth rate in all dimensions.

Google  first quarter budget

In the first quarter of 2021, Google, or Alphabet Inc., recorded total revenues of $ 55,314 million, or approximately $ 1.73 trillion, 32% growth over the same period last year and net profit of $ 17,930 million, or more than 562,900. Million baht ever. This was a 162% high growth last year, meaning they were able to cut 32% of their net income, or a third of their total income.

When the company’s revenue is classified by product, YouTube Ads’ ad revenue has grown significantly. The total revenues during the quarter were US $ 6,005 million. It was up 49% from a year ago and above the $ 5.7 billion estimate of early analysts. Which the main reason It is likely due to the fact that people spend more time on the YouTube platform watching content. Significant and significant increases during COVID-19 Still a severe epidemic And the shift of brand ad spending into online platforms.

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