During COVID-19 The CCTV cameras that could be more than just a way to catch thieves

During COVID-19 The CCTV cameras that could be more than just a way to catch thieves. As we all know that in the past. The world faces the dangers of the COVID-19 epidemic. This is a problem that affects all over the world and caused a leap stream of adaptation in all technology circles In order to enable people to survive in the limited circumstances of life. Also there are many new problems that need to watch for.

Although COVID-19 Will be a disease that has a cure for it And the mortality rate is relatively low. Its compared to the total number of infected people. But the danger of COVID-19 Is a disease that is spreading quickly. It is estimated that the total number of infected worldwide will surpass 100 million of course. So an important measure that must be taken is to monitor the epidemic. By wearing a mask every time you go out of the house, wash your hands frequently, keep your distance. Which technologies are considered to play an important role in facilitating such measures.

Technology to avoid exposure

Essentials in controlling the spread of COVID-19. It is to keep the distance between the people and avoid the meetings of large people. Therefore, long queues, as well as contact with common objects, are susceptible to potential transmission of COVID-19 To spread widely. 

Or a Kiosk, which is another tool that reduces the way people meet. And reduce long lines, which will avoid the spread of COVID-19 But still, in order to avoid touching objects together The push-button system to control the kiosk may need to be changed, such as the use of sight or gesture sensing to control it. Or keypad technology made in China Is a new elevator push button To create a floating virtual button The user does not have to use a finger to touch the button. Therefore there is no mutual contact And it can reduce the spread.

CCTV cameras that could be more than just to catch thieves

We can clearly see that in the past, on the part of public places, surveillance cameras were installed. Mainly for security But when the COVID-19 epidemic strikes. The role of CCTV cameras has become increasingly important as a tool for monitoring and analyzing the density of people in public spaces. Which is an important role that goes beyond the original.

Challenges that will arise in the post-COVID world

As we all know, the world is trying to do whatever it takes to control and stop the epidemic. And when we succeed The next challenge is the challenge that lies behind this incident.

Of course, human nature We want to communicate with people more than interaction with automation. Because automation is strictly command-driven, inflexible and unable to make efficient decisions when there are inverse variables. Until it may become a problem and create a bad impression on the service users.

Another important issue is the privacy issue of the service user. Which is being monitored all the time through CCTV This could lead to other problems. For example, in some countries there is a risk of being predisposed to a problem of race color, some people may not choose to ride the same car as someone of a different race or color. Different from myself.

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