AirTag is coming!

AirTag is coming! Keep an eye on Apple’s flawless new ‘billion dollar business. Apple has finally released the AirTag, a sleek and sleek little accessory to help keep track of and find important things. Thanks to Apple’s Find My app, which anyone can attach the AirTag to a handbag, keys, backpack, or other item. AirTag will also use a vast search network around the world to locate lost items.

AirTag is coming!

While the world doesn’t know AirTag yet, renowned analyst Tim Bajarin has confirmed on Forbes’ website. AirTag will be the new billion-dollar business that injects massive bucks into the Apple business empire. 

This is partly because of an iPhone user base of approximately 113 million in the United States and 900 million worldwide. Which has the opportunity to be a customer who buys AirTag to use many different pieces.

The revolutionary work itself

Bajarin sees AirTag as directly related to Apple’s stellar revolution. Because in the 40 years since it has been involved in Apple’s data since 1981. He saw Apple transition from being a computer company. To companies that build and deliver products beyond traditional PC systems. 

Obviously, the iPad and Apple Watch have a CPU and computer-like processor. But there are many different form factors.

Interestingly, AirTag reinforces Apple’s vision of a new era. Here, Bajarin explains: While Apple founder Steve Jobs has had great success bringing iMacs and other computers to market. 

But as time goes by Jobs had a clearer vision of the personal PC transformation until Apple released the iPod in 2001.

The success of the iPod led Jobs to rename Apple, leaving the first 24 years of Apple Computer imagery as the company that created it. The ‘non-computer’ made the fruit mogul become Apple Inc. and de-naming all computers.

It is this that Bajarin sees as a beginning to pave the way for Apple to build a new billion-dollar business. Ever since the iPod entered the market, Apple has created a number of successful products and services. It points out that Apple has an unbelievable ability to make billions on the new products it launches. 

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