Honda made a big move

Honda made a big move Announcement to sell all electric vehicles within 19 years or 2040.Car giant from Japan, Honda announced that. The company has plans and aims to sell all electric vehicles (EVs) and electric vehicles using fuel cell (FCV) vehicles by 2040. Which means 19 years from now. The entire global Honda lineup is 100% clean energy vehicles.

Honda made a big move

Initially, Honda made a big move predicted that by 2030, sales of EV and FCV vehicles will account for 40% of the company’s portfolio and will double to 80% by 2035.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe said his intention. That to bring Honda to the fore in the automobile market is to help the Japanese government reach its target of a 46% reduction in emissions by 2030. That it will require an investment of more than 5 trillion yen or about 157 trillion baht to aim for the next six years by focusing on research and development. And the production of electric vehicles

“I believe this is It is a shared ‘responsibility’ for automakers around the world to achieve carbon emissions goals, ”Mibe said in an interview with Reuters. 

The announcement of Honda’s plans also comes at a pace that coincides with the shifting of their rival Toyota. Who last week unveiled the bZ4X concept car for the first time, which Toyota aims to sell. 70 EVs and hybrids will be available in 2025 and will sell more than 1 million EV and fuel cell vehicles by 2030. 

In addition to Honda and Toyota automakers. Such as General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, etc. have also announced plans for serious penetration into the electric vehicle market. Most of them have set a goal of zeroing their carbon footprint by 2050. 

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