Blockchain information security that everyone takes care of

Blockchain information security that everyone takes care of. If explained to be easy to understand The function of this technology is to put your valuable data in a ‘Block’ and string every box together with an encrypted ‘Chain’ called ‘Chain’. ‘Cryptography’ which is very secure.  When modified, the data is distributed to all computers on the network. The value data contained in the ‘blockchain’ is therefore highly reliable. Because everyone in the network will see the same change. And in order to edit the data, it is necessary to edit it from all computers on the network.

Blockchain information security

for example There are 100 computers in the network. Funds are transferred from Block A to Block B. The transfer information is saved in all 100 networks. In order to amend the amount. It is necessary to modify it from all 100 computers in the network. net Imagine if there were 1 million computers on the network, how could the numbers be manipulated?  And people in the system who volunteer to verify the authenticity of the transaction will receive coins called ‘Bitcoin’ as a reward, or as we call it. ‘Coin Mining’

So this is the answer to the question: Where does the value of bitcoin come from? which is ‘from the use of people in the network itself’ because the most important aspect of an exchange is ‘Wide acceptance’ and today it’s not just the people in the network who are accepting it. but has gained recognition from around the world.

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