Bitcoin and Gold are different similarities.

Bitcoin and Gold are different similarities. The question I want to invite everyone to think about is: ‘In the first year of gold discovery How much is the golden yellow stone worth?’ The answer is ‘depending on the value of the people in those days’. Bitcoin is the same. The first time the value was transferred between them in 2010, one bitcoin was worth just $0.04951 , and it wouldn’t even be possible to buy Starbucks coffee.

Bitcoin and Gold are different similarities

But 10 years later, the coin’s value has steadily increased. by number of users Because the world has already realized that this digital gold is limited to 21 million dollars worldwide. Plus, it’s easier to transfer value than gold. There is no need to carry bitcoins around to make transactions like gold. This is why the value of the coin has increased exponentially.

But in the end, it still can’t be determined that ‘Bitcoin’ will be able to beat ‘Gold’ or any other currency in the world in the future if there is a better technology than ‘Bitcoin’. Digital coins are lost in popularity.

back to the question ‘How can Bitcoin be a digital currency in the air?’ ‘Because people ordered it to have it’ because ‘paper money’ and ‘gold’ were no different from this ‘air money’.

Therefore, I would like to invite readers to think further. If one day we can synthesize an unlimited amount of gold when? How much is the value of gold left? Or will it go back to a golden yellow stone that is only used as a paperweight?

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