Passport vaccine reinforces disparity destroy privacy?

Passport vaccine reinforces disparity destroy privacy? The passport vaccine is the hope at the end of the travel and hospitality industry tunnel. But experts, especially ethicists, see the idea as having a number of problems, particularly inequality and privacy.

Passport vaccine reinforces disparity destroy privacy?

Imagination for fun to a world where people are divided into two groups. The first group is those who have been vaccinated and confirmed with their passports. And unvaccinated groups In the world, displaying a vaccination certificate on a mobile phone screen is like a privilege. Welcomed to restaurants, hotels, recreational activities. to allow international travel while the latter group of people could only stare into their eyes. The scene reads superficially. It is almost no different from the dystopian world in the novel where the privileged is clearly divided from the common people.

Inequality and discrimination are issues that governments in developed countries. Try choose to carefully consider before implementing such policies. From the fact that the first vaccinated population is the high-income group and the white population while the poor and people of color may not be vaccinated. 

In addition, if such policy is enforced worldwide. 

More than a billion people living in an undocumented poor country. Whether it’s an identity card, driver’s license or birth certificate may be pushed to the edge even more. The enforcement of the passport vaccine policy could therefore exacerbate the disparities already exacerbated by COVID-19. one step worse and resulting in the vulnerable population being left behind.

Another issue that many people worry about is privacy. Personal health information is sensitive information that requires careful attention to its transmission, storage and origin. Some countries may attach passport vaccines to applications that provide contact tracing functionality. Which is a violation of privacy because such data points show where we travel. And may even lead to an analysis of who we meet.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 Many governments have initiated contact tracking apps in the hopes of limiting outbreaks such as Trace Together of Singapore. Which originally made it clear that such information would only be used to prevent outbreaks. But earlier this year. It was revealed that police had access to the same data set for criminal investigations until the minister apologized and admitted he was ‘misunderstood ‘.

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