What is Vaccination passport?

What is Vaccination passport? ‘Passport vaccine’, a policy that many people expect will soon become a reality. After the business sector in the tourism, entertainment and events industry Had to stop because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

What is Vaccination passport?

Passport vaccine is a document or proof that the holder has been vaccinated against COVID-19. Done There may be additional information about the results of testing for COVID-19. Also the latest The holder of such a passport is like a special class that travels in and out of any country or place. by facing easing restrictions, such as reduced quarantine periods or no quarantine at all. It was as if their world had returned to normal before the pandemic.

At present, many organizations. Including governments, airlines, industrial groups non-profit organization to technology companies. Both went ahead and created their own versions of their passports. Many choose to walk the digital path to facilitate portability and inspection.

The passport is just a concept that is being studied in several countries.

Such as the  Digital Green Pass, a vaccine passport for citizens of the European Union. Or an order from President Biden of the United States to the relevant agencies to study the possibility of a passport vaccine.  Meanwhile, the Danish government has announced that it will go ahead with a digital passport vaccine available to citizens within three to four months.

Although the benefits of passport vaccines are obvious in economic terms. But there were protests and questioning the idea. Whether it is disparity and discrimination between those who vaccinate and who do not. Privacy issues, especially the digital passport vaccine. Including the risk of spreading the disease because there are no studies confirming that those who have been vaccinated will have a lower rate of transmission than those who have not been vaccinated at all.

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