Current landscape of passport vaccine policy

Current landscape of passport vaccine policy. The first country to turn the passport vaccine concept into reality was Israel. Countries with a high proportion of vaccinations By mid-March, it was about 50 percent of the population. More than 90 percent of people over 50 have been vaccinated. The ‘greenpass’ policy, digital passport vaccines on the app. It started at the end of February with the goal of loosening the lockdown.

Current landscape of passport vaccine policy

The application will indicate whether the user has been vaccinated or not. or have immunity due to having been infected with COVID-19 and then healed until it was healed or not including the children and adolescents whose age is not yet eligible for vaccination The application will display the results of testing for COVID-19. Is the last time normal? Green Pass holders will be given exclusive access to gyms, hotel stays, movies, and more. Fairs and concerts to dining in restaurants and pub bars. After those activities were ordered to be closed for a long time due to the COVID-19 outbreak. severely in the country

However, despite the green pass policy in Israel, the country will begin to relax from the lockdown. 

The situation still did not return to normal. because the government is still strict about wearing masks. Including keeping distance within the building area to prevent COVID-19 come back to spread again.

Besides Israel China is also one of the countries that have started using a passport vaccine embedded in the Chinese home app WeChat.  But the goal of the passport vaccine is not for domestic travel. But China aims to use it for international travel. It hope that Chinese passport holders will not be subject to quarantine. Which is currently in negotiations with several countries, including Thailand.

But it’s not just the government that has moved on with passport vaccines. International organizations such as the International Air Transport Association developed applications for passport vaccines to use as an international standard in international travel. The private sector, such as Airways, has just begun trials of the CommonPass ufabet app , developed under the support of the World Economic Forum, which is currently testing results for COVID -19. The latest is expected to add a function to show immunization soon.

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