” Squidbot ” Robot for missions under the sea

Now a day, ” Squidbot “ Robot for missions under the sea. We can see that the development of robots has made great progress. In particular, the creation of a robot by mimicking the behavior of many animals. Which is the implementation of the prototype characteristics of various animals to create a robot in response to the behavior of work.

Recently there has been a specialist in mechanical, aerospace engineering at the University of California, San Diego in the United States. A robot, physically similar to an octopus, has been built. For use in the field of marine exploration. The squid robot is called “squidbot”.

Because squid is an aquatic animal in the invertebrate. Which is the best choice as a prototype to build a robot. Because the squid is able to travel independently at a speed of 37-40 kilometers per hour.

The robot squid equip with cameras and other sensors. Also the movement produce by spewing water from the robot. Which is a mechanism caused by compression making it possible to pass the water out from the back.  In addition, the posture of swimming. It is similar to the squid fish that robot is made up of acrylic polymer. Supporting the 3D printing parts, the softness will also not cause damage to corals or harm other marine life.

Another very important feature is the ability to dodge obstacles more easily than other robots. And also has its own energy source. This allows for a long mission without needing to connect to other devices. All this is the first squidbot, the squid robot can  remotely controlled and they move freely as if they live in the ocean.

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