Twitter is preparing to update its report feature.

Twitter has announced that it has developed and revamped its “Report” feature. By changing the Abusive Usage Reporting section to focus. On “What happened” to make it easier for users to choose a topic to report inappropriate tweets. IT for you

Previously to report abusive behavior on Twitter. Users were required to consider the following topics: I’m not interest in this Tweet. Suspicious behavior or possibly. It’s spam (It’s suspicious or spam). It’s abusive or harmful and it express intentions of self-harm or suicide. But in many instances. Users have not been able to figure out. Which topic to report on because the tweets they want to report are ambiguous. And fail to address the exact violations of the rules. Or some users may not understand the rules of Twitter. So that they can report the wrong topic.

Twitter is preparing to update its report feature.

Therefore, the company is announcing a new feature to report abusive behavior that allows users to choose reports from. “The offender” first and foremost. (yourself, other people, a specific group of people and all Twitter users) and then select the topics you want to report to the Twitter team so that the company will consider managing those unwanted accounts.

Twitter is preparing to update its reporting feature to make it easier to understand.

Initially. Twitter has already tested the feature with some users in the US. and stated that it will consider improving and releasing it to users in other areas in 2022 and expecting that after updating this feature will help users Can be used as eyes and ears to help monitor inappropriate usage behavior and report back to the company more from the beginning

Twitter is also planning to add a “flag” feature on images or videos that contain sexual, violent, or sensitive content. Users who wish to tweet such photos or videos can flag other users who may see these tweets in order to filter the display of the photo or video on their timeline. according to report by ufabet

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