What exactly is Web 3.0?

At present, Web 3.0 is the concept of a website that will happen in the future. Predict that it will be a new era of the Internet to be more intelligent. It can do things like analyze data more closely with humans. Make new technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, Artificial Inteligence (AI), Blockchain can work to the fullest and more efficient.

By Web 3.0, this is an idea that was started by Tim. Berners-Lee The same person who initiate Web 1.0. He thought that the web that could become Web 3.0 was due to the development of links. Between information on websites to be a large database connected to each other in a global network. Including the introduction of new technologies such as AI to help make the website work better. Or transferring data between people and equipment automatically. All of these know as the Semantic Web or ‘Semantic Web’.

And because this is just a prediction of the website UFABET going to happen in the future. Tim Berners-Lee Therefore, it has dedicate itself to the development of international standards of websites in particular. And establish The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) come up.

Outlined the nature of Web 3.0 that may occur. And it’s starting to come true now as follows.

  • Decentralize means that users are decentralize. No need to communicate with each other through intermediaries. Or different servers (for example, they can contact each other without the use of Facebook or Google servers involved).
  • Bottom-up design is code development that allows users to participate in the development of the code of a website or app until it is usable. Instead of just have a single group of people come in and design the code. Think of a co-design code site like Github. Where the programming code is open source. Can come together to develop code and fix various bugs together, etc.
  • There is a consensus (Consensus) can check the correctness between users. Be transparent to create consensus.

Later, Gavin James Wood, co-founder of the world’s top cryptocurrency Ethereum, come up with the idea of ​​expanding Web 3.0 and found the Web3 Foundation. It create to raise awareness, raise awareness of Web 3.0. And push for this new web standard to be known and have more users.

Gavin recapture the Web 3.0 concept, refer to the future of the Internet without servers. decentralized It is an internet world where every user can truly control their information, identity, and direction of their lives.

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