Beginning of the Passwordless Era.

Of course, from now on we are likely to see fewer uses of passwords. While passwordless authentication methods will be use more and more knowledge.

  1. Increased cyber security. Of course, when no password is the main cause of data hacking. It would make many organizations safer and reduce the cost of cybercrime losses. Or at least it will definitely cause the bad guys to have more headaches and work harder.
  2. Increase convenience in use. The passwordless system also helps create a good user experience. Reduce various workflows, including having to remember complicate passwords. Make online transactions. It’s more comfortable and easier. In addition to being good for users. The business also sold more products.

However, every advantage is follow by a disadvantage. And for using the passwordless system. There are disadvantages that many organizations must consider carefully UFABET before using them as well.

  1. Nothing is 100% safe. Although voice, face, or fingerprints can be use to verify your identity. But not all of these methods are risk-free. Because voices, faces, and fingerprints can be imitate as well. Even using the OTP password, there is a chance of being hacked as well.
  2. high cost Although it helps to reduce the rate of cyber crime very well. But with the high cost burden for changing the entire organization system. Therefore, not every organization can start using Passwordless right away.
  3. Most users may not agree. After using the old password system for a long time Of course, many users are used to the same things. And it’s not always easy to open up to new approaches, which poses a huge challenge in future adoption of passwordless systems.

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