What is Wi-Fi?

  Wi-Fi or Wireless means a wireless network. often used in networking Whether in the organization or in the Internet network
system, wireless network (Wireless LAN: WLAN) refers to technology that allows communication between two computers or a group of computers can communicate with each other. including communication between computers and network devices computer as well without using a cable to connect but will use radio waves as a communication channel instead The traffic between them is through the air. no need to wiring the signal and more convenient to install
Wireless networking uses electromagnetics through the air to transmit information between computers. and between computers and network devices The electromagnetic waves may be radio waves (Radio) or infrared (Infrared).

Connection characteristics of
Wi-Fi devices There are two types of connection characteristics of devices within a WLAN network. Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc or Peer-to-Peer modeUFABET 

In short, it’s a wireless network connection. It is a network connection of computers to the network. Like a LAN (LAN) that uses a normal cable. The difference is that physical devices to connect to the network do not require any cables. By using a wireless network, various services can be used on the Internet as a normal wired network unless the network administrator Some services can also be disabled for network security. Connecting to a wireless network makes it easier to connect. Save on cable bills and use it anywhere. with a wireless network signal reaching.

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