Factors that should to upgrade Smart healthcare in Thailand

Smart Healthcare is an intelligent healthcare system that introduces Iot (Internet of Things) technology. Where devices connecte together with human-controlled via the Internet. Which can provide flexible access to information and connecting people, devices and healthcare institutions.  To provide timely access to healthcare and respond to medical needs.

Which, if you look deeply, will find that Smart Healthcare is not just a healthcare system with smart devices only. Rather, it has to be an entry into the digital age of medical care with IOT and cloud-based healthcare. There are 4 factors that should upgrad in Smart Healthcare in Thailand as follows:

1. Application of technology to work system

Application of technology to work This is the first stage that must be met. Because the medical and nursing system is considered a standardized system. Completely placed And practice holding each other until a clear order In which to modify the new system is often a problem. Especially in the field of data storage and in the medical field, it cannot be analyzed as in the traditional system where all stakeholders are familiar.

Which doctors themselves will focus on the treatment of patients as the main And is considered the most important workload. Therefore, technology has to be demonstrated to have the ability to help promote the practice of medicine more efficiently. And must show them in a concrete manifestation.

2. Smart Healrhcare treatment

Most Smart Healthcare in Thailand is based on monitoring and surveillance of patients only. But for the Smart Healthcare treatment approach, although the principles are good. But when put into practice, it has to face a major obstacle in terms of data storage. Because to be able to analyze and forecast the treatment effectively, a large amount of input information.

3.Smart Data for intelligent medicine

For the concept of linking the database between hospitals together. It will help to integrate various information for the most efficient medical use. But this can happen, it will have to be driven by many sectors. There are currently efforts from many public hospitals to link the information together.

Including in the part of private hospitals, including more than 50 hospitals of the Bangkok Hospital Group. It considere one of the hospital groups that have linked information on patient care together. Because patients treated with Bangkok Hospital’s affiliated hospitals are able to receive services at any affiliated hospital. Only the hospital affiliated with the hospital can extract patient and medical history files from a central database. Will be able to continue to take care of the patient However Access to patient information must base on strict regulations. Because these information consider confidential and only a licensed physician will be able to view the information.

4. Patient safety is essential.

As for the entry into Smart Healthcare, the ultimate goal is patient safety. Technology is what will help support this ultimate goal to be able to operate efficiently. Which these things can happen must base on standard equipment and medical personnel are ready to work in a new and different system.

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