AirPods Max, Apple’s most expensive headphones.

AirPods Max, Apple’s most expensive headphones, are they worth it or are they too expensive?

Let’s get to know AirPods Max first.   

AirPods Max are Apple’s first over-ear headphones to deliver high-quality sound. Combines a refined acoustic design with advanced H1 chip and software. Delivers a listening experience with customizable EQ and Active Noise Cancellation technology, with an external sound mode. (Transparency Mode) that allows us to still hear outside sounds such as car, horn, voice, etc. while listening to music. Including positional audio (Spatial Audio) that is suitable for watching movies.


  • The earphones do not have the Apple logo to show, the only thing known that they are an Apple product is the control buttons, the Digital Crown, which are replicated from the Apple Watch. 
  • The sound remains the identity of Apple that can be heard almost immediately that it belongs to Apple. Can be fun to listen Or listen to details as well.
  • AirPods Max ‘doesn’t have a power button’, so if you want to stop using it. Suggest not to put it aside. Then wait for it to turn off by itself, because it will turn off, it takes more than 2 hours, should be put into the smart case that came with the device to turn it off and go to low power mode.

Even when I heard a lot of complaint about the price of AirPods Max Apple’s first ear-design headphones. which is more than twice that of AirPods Pro headphones. Its also more expensive than some iPad models. But still, as soon as AirPods Max are released. This product was sold out in every color within a short time. 
Because the set price is quite high, comparable to high-end headphones. This has become an issue that many people pay attention to whether the best Apple AirPods Max headphones have to be that size? And would it be worth it? Or the AirPods Pro alone is enough for everyday use.

Sound quality 

Of course, the sound quality is the best among Apple headphones. Its better than the AirPods Pro that was the best last year. Can comparable to high-end headphones comfortably. Which the sound character obtained from AirPods Max is still the identity of Apple. It is almost immediately knows that it is Apple.

What’s in the box 

When you open the box. you’ll find AirPods Max headphones and smart cases that are lightweight and thin. Same color as the machine External material has a rubber-like texture. The inside is like soft suede can protect the device. Which we rarely see headphones making a case of this type Because lightness comes at the cost of being fragile. There is also a USB-C Lightning charging cable, but no charger or adapter is provided.

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