A robot assistant ‘ Samsung Bot Handy ‘

At CES, Samsung revealed that it has developed a Samsung Bot Handy, a robotic arm that helps with household tasks such as lifting plates, tidying up tables, and pouring drinks into glasses. In the corner of the arm there is a camera installed. The company claims The robot can identify objects of different sizes, shapes and weights. It is also able to detect the material composition of the item and apply the appropriate amount of gripping and moving force.

But that seems to receive a lot of media attention, it must be given to ‘Samsung Bot Handy’, an intelligent assistant robot that comes with a screen, a mechanical arm, works in tandem with AI, allowing it to lift various objects. 

The working video also reveals its ability to use artificial intelligence to analyze objects that appear to be able to determine the weight of the compression force. To capture that object.

Bot Handy has therefore become a home helper for a wide variety of comfort and convenience. Both can pour wine, serve water, move goods Keep the room tidy, set up the dining table, and even store dishes on the dining table and take it to the dishwasher by yourself. At present, it is still in the development stage. 

Samsung Bot Handy to serve water and to organize your home.

If you still remember each other Last year, Samsung just released a ballie robot that looks like a ball. Including a demonstration of the robot Bot Chef, which is enough to reflect that. Samsung’s home appliance development trend is now starting to deflect its focus on the development of a home assistant robot.

As for other robot technology lines  of Samsung’s highlights at this event include the Samsung Bot Care. A little assistant robot that can learn our behavior and daily routine. With notification of various things And it also comes with a screen that allows us to have a teleconference. Including the JetBot 90 AI + vacuum cleaner that can work smarter with LiDAR and three-dimensional sensors. To remove cables and small objects during cleaning.

While environmental innovation, Samsung has also released a TV remote that comes with a Solar Cell Remote Control. Which can recharge both sunlight and home light to power the remote to reduce its consumption.

At the same time, it has also launched a ‘Galaxy Upcycling at Home’ waste reduction program that allows consumers to transform their old Galaxy smartphones into various IoT devices for longer product lifecycle.

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