The COVID-19 vaccine Johnson & Johnson’s One-Needle Injection.

The anti COVID-19 vaccine developed by the US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. It has been seen from all over the world. After the initial trial data release last week. Which shows safety and effective immune stimulation In both the teenagers and the elderly. They are also a ‘single shot’ vaccine or a single dose injection that is easy to keep. Which is believed to make vaccinating people much easier. It is another promising hope to stop the epidemic of COVID-19. 

Detailed information about this vaccine. There are still some things we don’t know. Which we will take to get to know more Based on a Bloomberg article .

What does the Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial data tell us? Compare with other vaccines So how is it?

Pharmaceutical industry experts at Bloomberg responded to the details of the COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, released in addition to the first data released in September of last year. 

Although the first stage of the efficacy analysis from the Phase 3 clinical trials. It will have to wait about two weeks for the company to disclose. But from the latest experimental data Recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It allows us to predict that this vaccine, which can stimulate immunity in just one injection. It has better-looking performance than the September report.

The Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine has immunosuppressive effects similar to those of Pfizer Inc. – BioNTech SE and Moderna Inc two doses of vaccine. And cannot compare directly But the obvious benefit of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is its still positive immune response. It improved again after 71 days of vaccination, which was the same in both people over 65 and adolescents aged 18 and over. 

With this data combined with Pfizer’s vaccine efficacy data in both the first and second phase trials of nearly 90%, experts expect the results of the Johnson & Johnson Phase 3 vaccine trial to be reported. Similar high performance.

How does the Johnson & Johnson vaccine work?

Johnson & Johnson vaccines use Viral-Vector technology or the use of softening and non-pathogenic viruses. To cut the genetic material To stimulate the body to build immunity. That is the same technology as the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccines, including Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine.

If the vaccine efficacy trial is good Is there any chance the vaccine will be approved quickly?

Although the immunization data of the vaccine is good. But we still have to wait for Phase 3 results to determine the exact effectiveness of the vaccine. Including safety information In use by various groups of people

While another important difference Through the trials of Johnson & Johnson is the main goal. To point out how well the vaccine reduces the risk of moderate to severe disease. Which other vaccine trials Most will look at only severe disease. So, in Johnson & Johnson’s Phase 3 experiment, it can be answered directly: How well the disease severity can reduce.

Assuming that a positive phase 3 trial will affect the approval of the vaccine?

What is delightful If the Johnson & Johnson Phase 3 vaccine efficacy trial turned out to be as good as expected. We believe that one dose of vaccination will have a great effect on the immunization of people. And could be a game changer in the fight against the epidemic of COVID-19. 

Unlike Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, Johnson & Johnson vaccines can also be stored and transported at refrigerator temperatures.

While Johnson & Johnson entered into an initial 900 million dose of vaccine deals worldwide and an additional 400 million doses, according to the latest data published by The New York Times, the company is struggling with manufacturing. Something This makes it unlikely that large quantities of the vaccine will be produced until April or May. 

Therefore, while the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the best. Other areas of availability need to enable the vaccine to distribute and overcome the spread of COVID-19.

Is one vaccine enough?

How long will Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine protect and prevent infection? I can’t say. But from the information that came out, it was found that The immune response after vaccination for up to 71 days is likely to be relatively favorable. Which indicates that Just one dose of vaccination is sufficient. At least in the near term

But there is still a question of whether two doses of the vaccine will be more effective in the long term. Which from the newly released information. It found that vaccination by Johnson & Johnson as a second dose boosts the immunity of adolescents. After 57 days of vaccination, it is possible that two doses of the vaccine may need for longer-lasting protection against infection.

Could Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Against the Covid-19 Mutant Found in the UK and South Africa?

The original principle in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine was that even if it had side effects. But it’s just one of the deteriorating performance. It’s not a total loss of efficiency. And a slow loss of vaccine efficacy Will occur over time. As well as the natural human immune reaction to other strains of the corona virus. 

Adenovirus vaccines such as Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are easily adapted to evolving viruses. But the theoretical problems found are If we want an updated version of the virus The immune reaction to adinovirus may have limited efficacy.

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