H&M new project customers in Sweden.

H&M new project customers in Sweden. ‘Old clothes’ can recycle into new fashion products.

H&M create a buzz for the fashion industry. It is interesting when Swedish fashion brand H&M  Introduce a new innovation in their recycling called ‘Looop’. Which will help customers recycle their unwanted clothing into a new fashion product. That is different from the original 1-3. Piece (Garment-to-Garment Recycling System) to be a part of adding value to old clothes. And reduce waste that pollute the ecosystem and environment.

Starting Monday, October 12, H&M will be bringing Looop recycling machines to their local stores. Drottninggatan Stockholm to provide recycling services for customers in Sweden Convert old clothes into new fashion products. From sweaters, scarves, baby blankets to scarves. Got for the first time. Which will demonstrate how to work together to see more By using a recycling process for a total of approximately 5 hours.

The working style of the Looop system uses a method of extracting the raw material of the old garment and making it into a new fashion product. Which the machine will separate the fibers of the fabric Then manage to spin into new yarn Then gradually Continue knitting those yarns into a fashion product. Without using any water and chemical processes Get involved in the process 

With such a model for recycling fashion products. H&M emphasizes that the process of developing fashion products. Like this will have less of an ecological and environmental impact than setting up a garment factory. Starting with a traditional process.

Pascal Braun, Head of Sustainability Operations at H&M, said,

“We are committed to new technologies and innovations. Regularly To help transform the fashion industry. To reduce dependence on natural resources . It is one of the keys to this transition, and H&M is also very excited to see Looop inspire people in these stories. ”

The H&M Loyalty Club member’s Looop recycling fee is 100 SEK, or 350 baht. While non-member customers will charged 150 SEK for All proceeds will be credited. It use for research and development projects for materials that can use to produce fashion products that are friendly to the environment in the future.

Looop technology is a system develope under the collaboration of H&M and its partners. Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel.

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