BMW CEO aims to produce 20% of the company’s electric vehicle sales by 2023, watch Tesla perform outstanding performance

Oliver Zipse, CEO of luxury car electric vehicle. gave an interview with Germany-based news agency Augsburger Allgemeine. By disclosing the company’s electric vehicle development plan. The goal is that by 2023 or three years from now. BMW will have to produce electric vehicles for 20% of the total product lineup that the company sells that year. 

BMW General said, “We have significantly increased the number of our electric vehicle lineups. Between 2021 and 2023, we will be able to produce more than 250,000 electric vehicles than expected.

“We have ambitious growth plans and want to continue expanding our market position. So far, we aim to double our sales. The current 8% of electric vehicle sales in 2020 will have to be increased to 20% by 2023. “

Zipse also said that by 2023, his company will have 25 electric models to hit the road. Of these, more than half will be full electric vehicles.

And when a reporter asked the BMW CEO how he looked at Tesla, a US maker of electric cars and battery technology. How competitive it is, Zipse replied that Tesla has achieved impressive growth, however BMW has a clear intention to defend their car market leader.

“Tesla started with nothing. Until being able to step up to create growth Including eating a large market share. Which is considered a very impressive entrepreneurial success. Meanwhile, their executive, Elon Musk, decided to settle down to build the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany. Because he wants to take advantage and benefit from our ability and strength in the landscape of our auto market leadership.

“The car is a very complex product. To develop it You need to have highly qualified employees. Which you can find in this country Which in Germany We often forget about the achievements we have as car manufacturers. Especially in the premium segment where we have a share of up to 80%, we remain committed to protecting our leadership. ”

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