‘California’ Green Light Licenses Nuro

Nuro is one of the clearest signs of change taking place in the logistics and technology industry. When the State of California announced that Nuro Startup developer of commercial autonomous vehicles. It get a license to actually bring their own driverless cars to service on the road. It is the first official in conjunction with cars and humans.

A license that Nuro receives from California this time will enable Nuro to deliver commercial delivery and running on California roads. According to David Estrada, the company’s chief legal and policy officer. Nuro will begin operating vehicles in the nearby San Mateo and Santa Clara areas. With the company’s offices in the Bay Area with partners early next year.

Unfortunately, we must wait to get a glimpse of the compact self-driving car R2 Nuro developed for a while. 

Due to the initial service testing. Nuro will use a Toyota Prius model that develope and modified on the same basis as the R2 to run in full driverless mode.

In a statement from Nuro, Estrada said, “Driverless Delivery will become one of the great impacts that will have on California in 2021. This will reduce the exposure of the people in the community as well as family members will be able to shop food they want without even needing to leave the house.  And likewise Young people will also give the opportunity to start new jobs with us as well.

“We are thrilled to see the benefits of these benefits emerging in the daily lives of people and communities. And in the place we call ‘home’

The Steve Gordon, director of the Division of Motor Vehicles for the state of California. Also commented that Licensing Nuro is a milestone in California’s self-driving car society. But even so, it’s fine Gordon, as a representative of the government agency, promised. That he and his team will continue to monitor Nuro’s service. Especially on the development of safety technology.

For Nuro, it is a startup that has gotten a lot of attention in the travel and autonomous technology development circles. They were first founded in 2016 by two former Google engineers under a grant from SoftBank.

Throughout the testing period. Nuro works with well-known partners in each industry. To test their driverless vehicles on location-based services. Such as a pizza delivery test with Domino in the middle of last year test delivery of consumer products. Together with famous retailers such as Walmart and Kroger and test drug delivery together with CVS etc.

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