Carreras debuts at Benfica on loan from the Red Devils as number 3.

Benfica Club of the Portuguese Liga has released Alvaro Fernandez Carreras. A left back who has just reached legal age, on loan for the entire 2023-24 season from Manchester United. Receiving the number 3 shirt in Home A Stadio da Luz.

Additional reports from ‘Diario Record’ say that. The Spanish player has joined head coach Roger Schmidt’s team with an option to buy out. If entering the field reaches the set criteria Just don’t disclose the price to the public. 

However, if the competition is below the criteria The Lisbon Eagles still have conditions to negotiate. Price to buy out from Old Trafford in the summer as well ทางเข้า UFABET 

As for United, they conduct business carefully and include conditions to buy them back at a friendly price as agreed. If you see that a player has the potential to become a great player on the night of the English Premier League. 

“This is progress. And I was filled with confidence. Want to start work immediately.” Opening his mouth on ‘Benfica TV’

“I want to give everything I have. To help the club achieve all its goals.”

“Full of ambition, helping lead the team to success. and achieve their own goals Promise the disciples to put their all into it on the field to make it happen.” 

In the first half of this season, Albalo was loaned to Granada by Manchester United, playing 13 La Liga games, plus 1 Copa del Rey game. 

While last season, United let Preston North End, a Championship club. Borrowed for use throughout the season. and has played in as many as 42 games, including all programs. But never debuted in the big ‘ Red Devils ‘ team.

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