what are collagens?

Collagens are a type of protein found in our body. There are about 70% in the skin. Serves to increase the flexibility and strength of the connective tissue. In addition, collagen is an important component for the flexibility of joints, muscles, tendons, and various organs. Helping to support tissue cells from sagging and loosening easily.  

          There are many types of Collagens. They differ in the nature of the protein strands. Position in the body and the ability to absorb into the body. For collagen that can help nourish the bones. Must be type 2 collagen or type II collagen (Type II). Which is collagen found in cartilage such as ear bones, nasal bones, tracheal bones, ribs. And cartilage around the joints UFABET

Collagen is a dietary supplement that has been popular for a long time. especially in the beauty industry Many people know the benefits of collagen in skin care. Help fill the firmness. Slow down the aging of the skin. But nowadays, the information that collagen helps nourish bones is becoming more known. accessible to both working and senior citizens Or maybe the children choose to buy collagen for their parents to take care of their health.

So let’s check again that How can collagen nourish bones ? Including, if eating, which brand of collagen should I choose?

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