Tips for planning a freelance life.

Freelance” a career that seems free to work where? any time It’s enough to finish the job on time. But the freedom of a freelance career must be exchanged with many risks as well. Therefore, anyone who thinks of being serious about this profession. It is necessary to have good life management and financial management. To build stability in the lifestyle, and here are ways to build a stable life, freelance edition that the dot com bank brings to deposit. 

1. Make a clear spending plan. 

Freelancers often have a steady income each month. Some months have a lot of work. In any month, less work, less money, therefore knowing how to plan your life, the necessary expenses each month is very important. how much we have to pay for food, water bills, electricity bills, house rent, car payments, etc. in order to properly allocate the money that must be used per month And help us control expenses so we don’t accidentally spend too much money UFABET

2. Have an emergency account. 

Unexpected events such as accidents, illnesses, car breakdowns, or no work at all. There is always a chance to happen, so you should have an emergency fund reserved just in case. It is recommended that at least it must be about 6 times the monthly expenses. For example, if the normal monthly expenses are about 20,000 baht, there should be at least 120,000 baht in the emergency account, because do not forget that freelancers do not have various benefits to help like salary people.   

3. Get health insurance

When there is no company health welfare Choosing health insurance for yourself is another option. to increase stability in life because if sick Or have an accident and have to go to the hospital will have someone to take care of this part of expenses You don’t have to worry about having enough money to pay for medical expenses or not.

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