The world’s largest air purifier

Hong Kong to open bypass Ready to install the world’s largest air purifier Solve problems of dust, smoke and pollution.Environmental activism in Hong Kong has called on the government to continue installing the world’s largest air purifier in the entire city. Especially at the point of traffic congestion Solve the problem of dust, smoke and pollution seriously. For a better quality of life for Hong Kong residents.

The city opened the long-awaited US$4.6 billion. Central-Wan Chai Bypass under a 3.7-kilometer section of Hong Kong island in late February with much fanfare.

The bypass greet by traffic-weary residents with relief and herald as a technological marvel. Its because of its state-of-the-art air filter system.

The government said the filter would remove at least 80 percent of harmful particulates. Including nitrogen dioxide using large fans, which suck exhaust into air purification plants in three ventilation buildings along the tunnel.

The model of the air purifier comes from the Central Wan Chai Bypass project.

the elevated road and tunnel project. It is with large air purifiers installed that expect to reduce pollution problems on the road by up to 80%. It will officially open on January 20 for the bypass route. Shorten the travel time even more.

Such an interesting air purifiers interesting and a lot of attention during this time. After many areas were severely affected by dust, smoke, dust, impure air. With the said project consultant “Each hour The world’s largest air purifier can handle approximately 5.4 million cubic meters of vehicle exhaust. ”

It can also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 11,000 tons per year. Equivalent to the carbon uptake of 480,000 trees planted in 67 Victoria Park, another measure to tackle the problem. Air pollution is gaining great attention on the island of Hong Kong.

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