If you are forgetful, you can fix it with these 3 methods.

Forgetful although due to both physical and psychological causes. But most of them will come from the main thing. That is, stress. anxiety and distraction will make people lose their concentration scattered thoughts. The physical cause Often caused by dementia from increasing age. Which is natural caused by brain disease or even if it is not a dementia disease directly. But it is a disease that affects the brain. causes brain cells to die. Such as an accident with a brain hemorrhage.

Do not read books, listen to music and watch TV at the same time.

Behavior like this is done very often and very common. Especially those teenagers who. When reciting textbooks, watching exam books. Instead of looking for a quiet corner to read, would like to listen to music. Or turn on the television as well. When adults protest that he will not concentrate. He would say that nerves can be split into parts. UFABET

but in principle A person’s memory depends largely on the intensity of attention. that we read the book together listen to music Of course we heard the music. see the text But it is a division of the mind, dividing the concentration into 2 parts, which in reality When a person reads a book, it’s time for him to fully understand it. Or doing exercises and having fun concentrating fully on the problem. We won’t hear the music

Here, perhaps many people may not know themselves. But when we start to relax from the problem or interest in music will come through to hear make you feel more relaxed. If you understand this and allocate time conscientiously Whether reading a book or doing anything, just do that thing. The mind will concentrate more on what you do Forgetful

Practice solving problems to sharpen the brain.

The brain, like any other organ in the body, is not regenerated. Exhausted and exhausted. But if there is always practice It will age slower than the body. which by medical knowledge will say. Our brains are in abundance. And we don’t use all of them. For example, if we have 100 brains, we may only use 20 of them. Or when we develop the use of the brain to 30-40 parts and even if the brain dies to 60-70 percent, people can still become smarter Forgetful

Because as much as we have, we will not be able to use them all. People who are passive, passive, and don’t pay much attention to things around them are more likely to suffer from dementia. because the brain processes are not used Unlike people who like to read books This will affect the functioning of the brain. When used frequently (thinking-speaking-reading), the brain cells, whose fibers form legs, arms, are connected. The more you use it, the more often it will be linked together as a network. Makes you think of something systematic, principled, rational, but if rarely used These fibers will shrink, become disconnected, and the memory will become out of order. and know how to solve immediate problems on a daily basis It is considered a very good brain teaser.

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