Apple and Hyundai electric vehicles

According to Korean media, Apple and Hyundai will sign a joint agreement in March. Ready to walk on the belt to produce one hundred thousand electric vehicles, year 2024.

News of the electric vehicle development cooperation between Apple and Hyundai continues to flow. And it appears to add weight to the credibility of this new Silicon Valley technology company’s penetration to look closer to reality every now and then.

Reuters recently reported a move on the issue. According to local news agency in South Korea, IT News, Apple and Hyundai will sign a partnership agreement to produce electric vehicles with self-driving car technology in March. And preparing to launch a trial car in the next year.

Hyundai will produce an autonomous electric vehicle for Apple at its Kia (subsidiary) plant in Georgia, US, in 2024, three years from now, with a total of 100,000 vehicles. Produced at full rates, it will produce more than 400,000 vehicles per year ever.

In the future, IT News has changed details in the news content presented. Cut out the entire schedule, signing, timeline, production location. And the capacity of the plant, while Hyundai declined to provide any information. Additional to this point Which previously in news reports that came out on Friday They simply emphasize that they have received offers from various companies in the production of driverless electric vehicles. 

Apple also declined to comment on the issue.

Hyundai Motor shares on the Korean stock market rose earlier this morning at 14.6%, as did Hyundai Mobis, a subsidiary that produces parts for Hyundai, which also gained 12.7%. Kia’s side was up to 9.1. % In today’s morning local time.

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